Grand Traverse Pie Company “Best Pies Ever!”


I’m not really a fruit pie kind of guy, I have never really cared for the texture of the fruit in the pie. And very few apple pies can I eat. But, in saying that, I have found a pie place that makes fruit pies that are more then wonderful. They are amazing! The best pies I have ever had, literally! And again, I don’t like fruit pies. There is just something about them. They warm my heart, and go down my gullet into my stomach, oh so well. See, I’m big on texture, and I can’t hardly notice any texture from the fruit, it is just smooth. All the textures blend together so nicely.


So for a rating, I give the pies a 10 out of 10, actually a 11 out of 10, ha!

Atmosphere and Price

Then for those who have not been in the place it is like a Panera Bread atmosphere, as well as the food (I assume).

Now the pies on their own are a bit pricy, they run about $15 a pie. But if you want a hit at any family gathering, or wherever you go, it is a investment and worth the money. I think people will actually like you more because of the pie! Also, I think buying a pie is a classy move. A person does not want to go somewhere empty handed, and this pie says, “I’m a classy guy.” Sure to impress any father in-law.

The pies I have experienced are the Mountain Berry Crumb, Apple Crumb, and the Lakeshore Berry Crumb. All good.

So, what is the verdict on the Grand Traverse Pie Company? Go there, and enjoy it.
Lakeshore Berry Crumb-Let’s see how it taste…


Crum-believable! Delicious




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